Stephen Wiffen

Estate Planning Specialist

For over 35 years, Steve has helped families and business owners develop a framework using integrated wealth planning solutions. Clients and their advisors trust Steve’s ability and expertise to develop a solution based on client-centred needs and a values-based approach.

Steve examines insurance planning differently and recognizes that each client situation is unique. His approach is to plan first and then educate clients about their options, so they can make an informed choice best suited to their goals and objectives. Whether it be protection needed during income-earning and business-building years, the preservation of capital or ability to transfer accumulated wealth, Steve is there to help implement a solution that addresses your personal and corporate needs in a tax-efficient manner.

Evaluating the various insurance offerings from Canada’s top-ranked insurance providers, Steve will work together with your professional advisors to ensure you receive high-quality, cost-effective insurance solutions.

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