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Insurance solutions may complement your wealth and estate planning while offering you ways to protect and build wealth, minimize taxes and simplify transferring your assets. Let’s explore your options.

When you’ve amassed wealth, you may think of insurance as an expense rather than an opportunity. However, insurance strategies have evolved over time. They’re versatile tools that may offer immediate tax, investment and income uses for you, your family and your business.

“For some people, insurance may be a negative word because it’s usually connected to unfortunate events. In reality, insurance is an essential part of a thorough wealth plan.”

John W. Hamilton
President and Chair
RBC Wealth Management Financial Services Inc.

Make the most of today and tomorrow

We can work with you and your trusted professionals to help create additional wealth during your lifetime and protect the value of your estate for your family and other beneficiaries. Insurance strategies may also help you maximize the wealth you transfer to your heirs.

How insurance may enhance your wealth planning

  • May protect your assets from market fluctuations with built-in guarantees
  • Provides liquidity when the unexpected happens
  • Complements your estate planning with the ability to simplify and effectively cascade wealth to the next generation
  • Creates additional value for your estate through tax-deferred growth
  • May be used to offset the impact of taxation at death, allowing your estate to retain additional wealth and ensure the maximum value passes on
  • Enables you to bypass probate, which offers beneficiary confidentiality and the ability to transfer assets privately outside the estate

Prepare your business for continued success

The decisions you make affect the success of your business, so decide to protect it today and for years to come. We can work with you and your trusted professionals to help prepare your organization for the unexpected and plan for the future.

Corporate insurance may help you

  • Create additional wealth for your company through tax-deferred growth
  • Reduce your company’s taxable income and help lower capital gains liability
  • Facilitate a smooth transition and protect the company’s liquidity
  • Make funds available to carry out a business succession plan when you retire or pass away
  • Mitigate costs associated with the loss of key personnel
  • Encourage employee retention and help protect your company

High-net-worth insurance solutions

Understanding the complex needs of great wealth allows us to focus on helping you feel free of financial worry and better prepared for the future.

Life insurance

Provide financial security for your loved ones and other beneficiaries when you pass away. Discover solutions that may also protect the value of your estate from taxes.


Living benefits insurance

Recovering from a serious accident or illness or needing long-term care may have lasting financial repercussions. Explore options designed to help ease your financial burden.


Income wealth solutions

Are you looking for ways to enhance your income and diversify your portfolio? Discover products that offer guaranteed income, investment protection and tax efficiency.


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*Advisors at RBC Dominion Securities or RBC Phillips, Hager & North Investment Counsel can assist you with insurance planning.