Insurance strategies for your wealth

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There are ways insurance can provide security while offering a fresh perspective on solutions to complement your wealth plans. We can help you, your family and your business take full advantage of these opportunities.

Personal insurance strategies

Discover how insurance may help support your individual goals and those for your family, your retirement and your legacy.

Create additional wealth

For today and tomorrow

Accident or illness protection

Your ability to earn an income might be your greatest asset. Help protect it with living benefits insurance, which may provide funds to offset living expenses when you are unable to work.

Dependant support

If you should die unexpectedly, life insurance proceeds may help provide funds to those who depend on you, so they have financial stability. Funds could go toward paying a mortgage, childcare or education funding.

Planning for the unexpected

If you are in the early stages of creating wealth, insurance may be a low-cost way to create a financial safety net should you or an income-earning spouse pass away.

Risk management

Life insurance coverage is a way to spread the risk associated with the loss of an income-earning spouse. The proceeds may provide funds quickly to cover estate taxes, outstanding bills and funeral expenses.

For your retirement

Insured annuities

Combining life insurance and a life annuity may provide an alternative to traditional fixed-income investments. This strategy is designed to maximize after-tax retirement income and create a guaranteed income lasting a lifetime.

Retirement income enhancement

The cash value in your life insurance policy isn’t beyond reach. Through planning, those accumulated funds may be accessed in a tax-efficient manner during your lifetime. We can show you how.

Retirement income planning

Several insurance-based income solutions offer guaranteed income, investment protection and tax efficiency. These solutions may help diversify or enhance your investment portfolio.

Securing your savings

Are you concerned about outliving your retirement savings? Segregated funds allow you to enjoy the security of a GIC and the performance potential of the stock market without risking your savings.

Protect your wealth

Asset protection

Integrating life insurance into your plans may help to protect the value of your assets and provide your heirs with the funds necessary to pay the taxes due upon your death.

Protecting yourself and your portfolio

Living benefits insurance may be vital to providing funds should you require medical care benefits due to injury or illness. You’ll receive money for care today while protecting the growth of your investment portfolio.

Estate preservation

Offset costs incurred at death by having life insurance proceeds pay them for you. Life insurance may help you maximize the value of your estate and the value transferred to the next generation.

Exploring an alternative to traditional investments

Instead of investing estate-bound assets in traditional investments, they can be used to purchase a tax-exempt insurance contract, offering asset protection.

Minimizing taxes

You can reallocate a portion of your fixed-income investments to purchase life insurance with a cash value feature. This may eliminate the annual taxes you pay on your investment growth and those payable when you die.

Securing your income

Traditional segregated funds help preserve what you have built and may capture future market growth. Income segregated funds provide guarantees for a stable retirement income, regardless of market changes.

Tax planning

Discover how insurance offers you a tax-protected opportunity for growth. You may also use insurance to help resolve potential estate planning pitfalls regarding tax obligations upon your death.

Transfer your wealth

Charitable giving

You can create a legacy with your charitable support. Discover how insurance solutions may help you donate to organizations and causes that are important to you.

Enhancing your legacy

Traditional segregated funds and GIAs complement your estate planning with the ability to create a legacy by simply and effectively cascading wealth to the next generation.

Estate equalization

For assets that are challenging to divide, such as a business or vacation property, life insurance may help create an equal share of the estate.

Estate planning

Including permanent life insurance in your plans may provide immediate liquidity to satisfy estate tax obligations and settlement costs. It also helps ensure the maximum value of your estate is passed on.

Wealth transfer

A concern beyond creating and protecting wealth is providing for children and grandchildren. Using life insurance, you can protect your wealth, minimize taxes and ensure the efficient transfer of assets.

Corporate insurance strategies

Discover how insurance may help support business owners and executives for the current and future planning needs of your company.

Create additional wealth

For today and tomorrow

Protecting your business overhead

The ability to cover essential monthly expenses is necessary for the longevity of your business. Living benefits solutions are a way to keep the business viable should an owner or a key employee become disabled and unable to work.

Business term insurance

In the event of a death, your business may need funds to ensure its continued operations. Term life insurance may provide funds for buy-sell agreements, to cover the loss of a key person and to repay loans.

For your retirement

Corporate insured annuities

Available to seniors who own a corporation, this solution provides additional benefits at death, such as capital dividend account credits and reduced corporate values at disposition.

Corporate retirement income enhancement

For business owners wanting to create retirement income, corporately owned permanent life insurance with a cash value feature allows investment growth and supplemental income that can be accessed during their lifetime.

Protect your wealth

Adding an employee benefit

Sharing ownership of a permanent life insurance policy protects a business if an employee dies. At the same time, it motivates them to remain at the company with an attractive, low-cost retirement asset.

Exploring a tax-efficient alternative

Protect your business against potential loss and create the ability to pass the value of its assets out of the company through permanent life insurance.

Executive insurance planning

Consider providing life insurance coverage for your executives. This offers protection for their family if they die, and the business may benefit from tax-deferred growth.

Key person protection

People play a crucial role in your company. In the event of their disability, illness or death, a costly void may be created. Life or living benefits insurance on key people may help mitigate these costs.

Transfer your wealth

Business succession planning

Let insurance help you create a legacy. Available solutions may help business owners extract the maximum value from their business while ensuring they maximize their income and minimize their taxes.

Corporate wealth transfer

Surplus investment assets in your corporation may be used to purchase life insurance. This may allow you to minimize taxes and maximize the value of the corporation and the amount available to your estate.

Funding buy-sell agreements

Insurance may offer an excellent way to fund a buy-sell agreement should a business partner become ill or dies. Funds generated satisfy the agreement and minimize disruption to surviving partners.

Maximizing corporate assets

Tax-deferred growth of life insurance may allow corporate assets to avoid accrual taxation and greater growth than if regularly invested. At death, most proceeds can be paid out of the corporation, tax-free.

Minimizing corporate taxes

Reallocating a portion of the corporate assets to purchase insurance may reduce the taxable investment income of the corporation. It may also lower the business value, reducing the capital gains liability.

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