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At RBC Wealth Management Financial Services, you benefit from working with dedicated and knowledgeable professionals. Using their industry expertise to develop strategic solutions, they focus on supporting and guiding your experience toward success.

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Tim Greengoe

Brett Henderson

Cheryl Johnson-Engmann

Carey Lee

Jesse Martyn

Sean Murray

Arne J. Perrin

Patrick Cziolek

Katie Fiddler

M.C. (Mike) Macoun

Eric Milner

Denny Smith

Todd Sysak

Colin Biblow

James Kopp

Tom Bryan

Michael D. Keyes

Andrea Teske

Adam Bissell

Lynn Prudom

Suzanne Schultz

Thomas Seah

Stephen Wiffen

Colin Ardill

Anna Costantino

Joel Cuperfain

Tracey Goldie

Barrington Grey

Peter Kardassopoulos

Annett LeBeau

Adam Littlejohn

Christopher O’Toole

Andrew Sipes

Arthur Y. Wang

Noel Bonnici

Stéphane Côté

Daniel C. Duchesne

Ana Gocevska

Benjamin F. Otto

Paul DeJager

Jason Lewis

Robin Goodman

Janie Provencher Blais