Colin Biblow

Vice President and Estate Planning Specialist

“I’m here to get to know you and learn what matters most.”

For Colin, it’s not about focusing on money but rather on making it work the way you want. It’s about seeing your family and business properly protected. It’s knowing that he is there to help alleviate stress related to financial worry.

Colin is driven to provide the best financial advice that aligns with your wealth goals and objectives. A firm believer that there is a need to keep conversations fluid and ongoing ensures he provides you with estate planning advice and insurance-based solutions that address your needs.

Married with 2 daughters and busy chasing after 2 dogs, Colin’s happiest being with those he loves. His Prairie upbringing instilled the value of family and to be grateful for life’s simple things. “I’m here. I want to help others and I’m always willing to do more.”

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